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1   Link   Inputdirector.com
2   Link   List of Open Source Software
This is a list of free and open source software packages: computer software licensed under free software licenses and open source licenses.
3   Link   Wii MIDI PC solution
4   Link   Gameboy Footcontroller
I want one
5   Link   AnimalStyle
Very Cool
6   Link   Chip Music Plugins
glitch, crackle, pop
7   Link   PureData
Learn to do anything with Pure Data
8   Link   Control Aid
Control where you need it most
9   Link   Mountain Utilities
Makers of some of my favourite free database software
10   Link   Reactivision
the future is TUI's!
11   Link   SooperLooper
The best free plug in since sliced bread
12   Link   Open Source is
Find out what open source means
13   Link   Archived Software
Archived Software, remember the Apple II? Commodore 64? Historic software and emulation.
14   Link   Arduinoboy Project
Update your old Gameboy. Use it as a sequencer / synthesizer. Pimp it with Led's. Long live the Gameboy.